Career Advice

Sometimes you gotta hustle, other times you gotta take massive risks to get to the career of your dreams. Here are some entrepreneurial stories with nuggets of career advice tucked inside them, all about how the many jobs, hustles, failures, successes, and laughable moments in my professional life landed me at where I currently am today. PS - Don't try some of this shit at home.

(2016) I Hate My Boss So I Think I’ll Kill Him

It was 2016. I was thinkin… I hate my boss. He really is a piece of shit. He was this interior designer agent, a real scumbag. I’ll do one more day then ask for more money so he’ll fire me. No way this dipshit can keep affording to give me raises. I already asked for […]

How to Get Promoted at Work ASAP

I wasn’t thinkin about how to get promoted on the day I’m about to tell you about. I was sitting in my cubicle not doin my work, plannin my escape. See I was only there cause my clients had dried up and I wasn’t sure what to do. I had never had a real job […]

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