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Here you’ll find all sortsa entertainment in the form of novels, coloring books, and other shit soon to be added. Browse your little heart out and if you wanna get stuck in a hole of chaos, may I recommend starting with The Drifter Chronicles.

Scrambled Gregs’ Books

Real life shit that actually happened, and tips, tricks, secrets, and hacks to help you get the most bang for your heartbeats. Check em out below or here.

  • Sale! The Drifter Chronicles. Vol. 1: No Direction Home

    The Drifter Chronicles, Vol. 1 – No Direction Home

  • Sale! The Drifter Chronicles Volume 2- Debauchery

    The Drifter Chronicles, Vol. 2: Debauchery

  • Sale! The Drifter Chronicles, Vol. 3: The Final Debacle

    The Drifter Chronicles, Vol.3: The Final Debacle

  • Sale! book on how to travel with no money

    Vagabond Secrets: Travel With No Money and Better Your Life


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