How To Do Shit

This is all about how I do shit, like how I travel for cheap and appear to live like a rockstar.  It's actually quite simple to live however the hell you want, as long as there's some nomadic preparation and serious intention.

How to Land Your Dream Travel Writing Job

My Secret Method for Getting Travel Writing JObs… Ready to learn some shit? WHAT IS TRAVEL WRITING AND HOW DO I MAKE MONEY DOING IT? Here’s how to become a travel writer… but first, ready for myth dispelling? Travel writing doesn’t exist! It’s actually not a real genre of literature, it simply means a writer […]

How to Get Your Shit Together

Ready? I got some shit to dish out. Eat it if it tastes good. Spew it out if it makes you gag. I have an idea for how to get your shit together. Well I’ll just tell you how I got my shit together first cause in reality I don’t know what you got goin […]

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