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I’m no academic, but I’ve been through all the shit I write about. I know what has worked for me, and what has not worked for me. I don’t know how to help the world, but I know how to help people one at a time, and that’s with raw stories told with honesty in an entertaining way. Gotta keep shit funny, even when it’s dark. So, this membership area has been gated to the people who enjoy my work, want juicier shit, and support the cause. This site is self-funded through the likes of believers like you.


Here’s the deal… The blog focuses on short bursts of entertainment, full of short stories and snippets of funny shit, fucked up shit, sex stories, travel tales, and the like. My books focus on my story, from seedling to tree, and my entire life is told with brutal honesty. But The Scrambled Gregs Membership is different. The content I keep hidden here focuses on what I’ve learned along my journey. Some people find it helpful. However, I’m very careful to NOT give my opinion to anyone who did not ask for it. So, if you sign up, I will assume you are asking my opinion, and I will share with you what I think about some very touchy subjects. So, if you wanna look under the hood, here’s your chance. By the way. This membership is priced lower than a lolly pop. It’s 16 cents a day. That’s $5 a month. That’s $60 a year. Is $60 worth potentially changing the way you look at life? If you ask me, written content is the most underpriced asset in the world. It’s an asset because when you buy it, you go up in value. I hope to provide that right here, right now.


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