How to Conquer Travel Anxiety

The Secret to Conquering Travel Anxiety is to GET EXCITED If you haven’t read Vagabond Secret 1: How to Quickly Leap to Your First Adventure, do that shit now. After buying a plane ticket, you might be buying new swimsuits or reading the refund policy. There’re all kinds of travel anxieties that creep up on […]

How to Quickly Leap to Your First Adventure

BUY YOUR FLIGHT RIGHT AWAY If you haven’t read the intro: how to travel without time or money, read that shit first… After Spain I caught the travel bug and couldn’t shake it. On my last day in Barcelona, I was laying in my bed when I got a notification on Facebook. My friend Holly […]

Traveling Without Time or Money

Have you read Self-Administered Travel Therapy yet? That might be a helpful starting point. Then, come back to this post. It was 2017 and I had just gone through a breakup. I was devastated and to top it all off, I had no clients and was making no money. I moved into my parent’s basement […]

Travel Therapy: Self-Administered Counseling

When I was fourteen, I was kicked out of high school in the middle of ninth grade and went to rehab in Minnesota for thirty days. While there, I fell in love with a nineteen-year-old heroin-addicted hippie chick from Purdue, Indiana, and helped a couple of kids get high in the woods so they’d like […]

The Secret to Backpacking Trips

The hardest part about backpacking trips are pulling the trigger. I was at a diner in Manhattan with my friend Tyler once. We couldn’t afford anything on the menu. We were in the Turtle Bay section of the city. We ordered something menial to not look like bums. Together we chatted about leaving New York. […]

How to Plan a Road Trip Without Planning Shit

How to plan a road trip has nothing to do with where you’re going. In early spring of 2014, I had no idea where to go, but I had to leave LA fast. I couldn’t take it anymore; I needed outta California. I couldn’t relapse, no. That’s not an option. No drink for me. It […]

Best Road Trips in the USA

Yeah, so I do have the Guinness World Record for longest road trip in the US, which in itself has given me enough to write a blog about on the best road trips in the USA, but even before I broke the world record road trip, I’d grown up on the road and spent many […]

Camping Hacks for 9 to 5ers

When I was sixteen I was sent to a wilderness program in Utah where I was told to learn how to survive in the woods with nothing other than a knife. Dig your own latrine, whittle the wood needed for a bow drill set, create an ember with that bow drill set, use the ember […]

Travel Hacks for Aspiring Nomads

When I was fourteen in my first rehab in Minnesota with nothing other than a piece of paper and my imagination, I began dreaming of freedom. By the time I reached my second rehab in Louisiana when I was fifteen, I had immaculate plans to run away and be liberated once and for all. By […]

What’s a Hostel? Let’s Find Out…

My First Time Staying in a Hostel I had always wanted to experience a hostel. What’s a hostel really like? Are they grimy? Creepy? Normal? Dirty? Clean? Amazing? I had no idea, but I had to find out. And afterwards, staying in hostels became a way of life for me. But it started out pretty […]

Skinny Dipping With Shrinkage

Skinny Dipping Stories in Argentina It all started when Tan (some Canadian chick I met in the bunk above me in Buenos Aires at some hostel) and I met up again in the city of Mendoza and decided to look for some adventure. Building a repertoire of skinny dipping stories hadn’t crossed my mind… We […]

Traveling Patagonia in Search of Mandy

If you’re thinking about traveling Patagonia, it’s worth it to know Mandy… Cause she’s everywhere. Read PART THREE here before you proceed… TIME: I don’t know PLACE: Chalten, Argentina [WHATSAPP]: Eyo, whattayou doin today? Nada, told Mandy I’d paint her a sign. WHO THE FUCK IS MANDY! SHOW HER TO ME! Nope 😉 Does she […]

Travel Stories: Traveling Patagonia in Search of Mandy

If you’re thinking about traveling to Patagonia, it’s worth it to know how to get here… Read PART TWO here before you proceed… TIME: I don’t know PLACE: Chalten, Argentina I see some girl writing in her journal sitting on the cracked concrete of the bus terminal in El Calafate. It’s just she and I. So I […]

Epic Journey in South America, Part 1: Where’s The MAC-doh-NALDS?

The Epic Journey To South America Begins With Mac-Dohnalds. TIME: I don’t know PLACE: Montevideo, Uruguay So I knew I had to catch the bus from the airport in Montevideo to where I was gonna meet Sofi, the girl I had a small love affair with in Madrid.  We were gonna meet at the McDonalds […]

Traveling in Spain

DAY ONE I got off the plane at midnight and told the customs dude that I’d be in Spain for two weeks, but that was a lie.  I’d be there for ten days, two weeks just sounded more official and I was terrified that he was gonna ask me if I’d ever been arrested or […]

Revenge Is A Dish Of Carrots

So the Aussie who nearly killed me in my sleep from part one of this story, he tells me one day that if you eat twelve carrots you get a disease called Carotitus (or some shit) and you turn orange. I told him that was the dumbest thing I ever heard. He told me he […]

It Was YOU!

I had no idea what to do or where to leave my bag or if any of my belongings were safe in the room so at 10am or so I opened the door slowly, backpack on back, looked both ways before crossing the hallway to make sure that British sounding drunk dude that nearly pummeled […]

Almost Dying In The Grand Canyon

I showed up to the Grand Canyon with Kevin, a timid kid in his early twenties from Tennessee that I had met at a hostel in Santa Fe, this annoying nineteen year old know-it-all Dutch kid and some girl from Germany that Kevin had met at the new hostel he was now staying at in […]

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