Ever wanted to roam the world as a nomad and travel to places you never knew existed? I started traveling and wandering the world when I was sixteen years-old and never stopped. Now I'm 36. I even broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Road Trip. But that's a humble brag, the point I'm tryin to make is the best part about vagabonding is the people you meet along the way and all the shit you learn by accident. Here are a buncha travel stories about some crazy experiences...

How to Meet People in a New City

I’ve moved to many different cities and the first thing I do is head to the cafe. That’s my starting point. There’s no right way for how to meet people in a new city, but you can increase the odds of getting off to a non-lonely start. The cafe as a starting point works for […]

Learning a Foreign Language Scrambled Gregs Style

Learning a foreign language is like unlocking your girlfriend’s iPhone. You just gotta go for it. If the numbers work, you cracked the code. If not, she’ll be notified by Apple that you’re an insecure crazy person who needed to know if Craig was just a friend, or if she fucked him in your Subaru […]

Therapeutic Boarding School – My Experience as a Troubled Teen

Some people go to the army, others end up in jail, and still others spend their adulthood talking about summer camp. For me, I spent my adulthood and my adolescence doing my best to explain to the world what in the fuck a therapeutic boarding school was, how I ended up there, what it was […]

Wtf? What is Vagabonding?

It’s a form of travel that challenges me to pave the path as I trek. No plans, just a goal. When I’m in vagabond travel mode, I’m usually going through some tough shit. So, it’s my way to grow through my challenges, to not doubt myself, and to let anything and everything change my life. […]

Fighting My Demons with Brass Knuckles

It was the middle of the night. I was strung out and wide awake in Brooklyn. My apartment was so big that the orthodox leasing agent nearly didn’t give it to me cause he thought it was too big for one person; that certainly I’d be subletting it out. No. I’m just a drug dealer […]

Mortician By Day, Stripper By Night

It was snowing. A lot. I was in Wyoming edging my way into South Dakota. We were heading for Deadwood (yeah that town actually exists… it’s not just on Netflix) to stay at a lil ol house this lil ol lady originally from Long Island had turned into a hostel. I see the ‘Welcome to […]

She Offered Me Mushrooms.

t was New Years Eve. I had been on the Amtrak for approximately 124 hours. I was somewhere in Kansas I think. That’s when I realized there was a party goin on in the observation car. So I got up outta my seat and left the kid that I was sittin next to, this twenty-year […]

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