28 02, 2016

Mortician By Day, Stripper By Night


It was snowing. A lot. I was in Wyoming edging my way into South Dakota. We were heading for Deadwood (yeah that town actually exists… it’s not just on Netflix) to stay at a lil ol house this lil ol lady originally from Long Island had turned into a hostel. I see the 'Welcome to South Dakota' sign through the [...]

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10 01, 2016

She Offered Me Mushrooms.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was New Years Eve. I had been on the Amtrak for approximately 124 hours. I was somewhere in Kansas I think. That’s when I realized there was a party goin on in the observation car. So I got up outta my seat and left the kid that I was sittin next to, this twenty-year old kid that was studying [...]

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26 10, 2015

Revenge Is A Dish Of Carrots


So the Aussie who nearly killed me in my sleep from part one of this story, he tells me one day that if you eat twelve carrots you get a disease called Carotitus (or some shit) and you turn orange. I told him that was the dumbest thing I ever heard. He told me he knew what he was talkin [...]

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24 10, 2015

It Was YOU!


I had no idea what to do or where to leave my bag or if any of my belongings were safe in the room so at 10am or so I opened the door slowly, backpack on back, looked both ways before crossing the hallway to make sure that British sounding drunk dude that nearly pummeled my face in five hours [...]

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16 10, 2015

Burning Man.


We were fucked. It had been a wonderful experience.  For three hours.  Until my transmission blew out in Kingman Arizona and we tried watching video tutorials on how to fix a transmission on YouTube. Turns out rebuilding a transmission ain't so easy. Luckily, there happened to be an extremely seedy strip joint in the back of the gas station where [...]

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13 10, 2015

Almost Dying In The Grand Canyon


I showed up to the Grand Canyon with Kevin, a timid kid in his early twenties from Tennessee that I had met at a hostel in Santa Fe, this annoying nineteen year old know-it-all Dutch kid and some girl from Germany that Kevin had met at the new hostel he was now staying at in Flagstaff. It was 2pm and [...]

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