Life Questions

Ever wonder what in the world is goin on? Wanna know the meaning of life? Not sure which direction to run in? Good news. You're in good company. So many life questions out there to chat about, am I right? Well check it out... You're in the right spot. Here you're gonna find all sortsa answers to all sortsa questions about life in the form of inappropriate, rated-r storytelling. I'll do my best to not offend you. Pick a story below and let's get started.

Turning 30 Almost Made Me Bankrupt

Turning 30 was the day I realized everything I ever thought in my twenties was total horse shit. My grandma always told me that “if you don’t make it by forty, you’ll never make it.” She said it as a throw-away line, something to give me a decade buffer to do what I’d set out […]

A Man in Alaska Taught Me How to Grow Up

I Met a Man in Alaska Who Told Me: “Time to Grow Up Graig.” He was dying on a hostel bed and in his mid-seventies. He was a black man with white hair and stared off into the sky when he talked to you as if he were blind. That man changed my life. He […]

You Don’t Need to Find Your Passion

Stop Looking. Your Passion Already Found You. You don’t need to find your passion, it’s already there. I was always lookin in the wrong place, and then one day I just reverse engineered what made me happy in the past and thought: hmm… maybe I should just do more of that? So, that’s what I […]

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