The Drifter Chronicles, Vol. 1 – No Direction Home


Stuck in his own internal monologue of bad decisions and an obsession for school popularity, Greg’s story of substance abuse and teen drug addiction is a grim look into the mind of a troubled teenager, full of resentment, teen anger, and with no healthy way to communicate to his family the amount of pain he’s truly in. Instead, he whirlwinds into a dark world of shady drug rehabs, co-dependent relationships, and a twisted therapeutic boarding school touting itself as a treatment center for unruly teens that specializes in teenage psychology. In the end, a big decision must be made, and Greg’s freedom depends on it.

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Coming of Age in a Therapeutic Boarding School

NOBODY had heard of Hidden Lake Academy…

In 1999, the therapeutic boarding school, quietly tucked in the darkness of the Appalachian Mountains, was still a relatively unknown threat… Most kids ran–or tried to run–but there was no use… None of em ever made it. It was impossible to get out, and after realizing the consequences of getting caught, most of us never tried to run ever again.

No one but me…

But after a dark catastrophe landed me in New England, alone, on the run, sleeping in abandoned attics filled with needles, counterfeit money, hookers and filth, I realized I had nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep, and no money to eat. I was sixteen-years-old. It was a month before 9/11, and I was prepared to do whatever I had to do.

This is a crazy story and the only firsthand account of the most notorious therapeutic boarding school in America, how I ended up there, what it was like, my great escape and the tale of my runaway…

Welcome to The Drifter Chronicles… A journey through the mind of a young, drug-addicted and sex-driven teen on an aimless and dangerous quest for personal freedom.

This coming of age novel is a true and crazy story filled with dark humor, awkward romance, and adolescent upheaval.

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Black Apple International; 1st Edition (September 12, 2016)

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