The Drifter Chronicles, Vol.3: The Final Debacle

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Greg Cayea’s outlandish adventure to take over the world… only to land at The Final Debacle.

In 2005, twenty-one-year-old Greg Cayea was on an ambitious sprint to become a Hollywood mogul… Only thing is it’s hard to tell whether his actions move him in the direction of his dreams, or prolong a manic episode teetering on the brink of self-annihilation. Then there’s the drug business… A bunch of wild encounters with an eclectic clientele of elite drug buyers, a stepping-stone occupation till Greg attains world domination, filled with plot twists and riveting dialogue. Nothing was gonna stop him from rising to the stardom he envisioned.

Well, nothing but his overly obsessive enthusiasm for success, which brought him from one shady endeavor to the next. From scammy play festivals to money-laundering schemes to rigged game shows and comedy festivals to shooting a film that gets him thrown in jail on the border of Mexico; all his maniacal plans seem to lead to bigger chaos (or possibly success?). All his romantic relationships sour into tragedies. His family remains estranged, and then the unthinkable happens—The Final Debacle.

A tale of over-ambition, shady entrepreneurial endeavors, drug trafficking, alcoholism, sex addiction, and overcoming insurmountable obstacles. The question is, can Greg walk away from his fixation with fame and somehow find meaning in a “normal life”?

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