Here’s a story about what happened at this cheap motel in Georgia.

So I’m at this cheap motel in this cracked out town called New Brunswick in Georgia, which is right over the river from Saint Simons Island, also in Georgia, and I got my two pups and I’m all alone while my ex girlfriend is at her dad’s house across the river. He didn’t want the dogs at his house so i stayed at a motel.

I just realized this is possibly the only post that makes me out to be a gentleman.

Okay so there’s NO ONE at this motel, except this one chick.

She’s at the pool.

It’s night, about 11:34PM

The pool is a cement hole in the middle of this humid shithole town in the center of this shithole motel I’m at and there’s this one girl.

She’s just layin by the pool…

Wait a minute. Am I in a movie? Is it really just me and this chick? At this crazy whack motel? While my girlfriend is at her dad’s a few miles away?

I’m starin at her through the curtains so that she can’t see me all stalker style an shit but then she stands up and peers straight at me, through the window curtains and into my eyes, as if to say: I see your soul you punk ass kid- I was like 18 years old… She looked about early early twenties.

So she stands up, looks right at me and smiles. I quickly shut the curtains and busy myself, nervous as hell now.

My heart starts pounding. Pretty sure she was real hot. Very hot. But I couldn’t REALLY see her.

Oh man. Okay jerk off and go to bed.


There was a knock at my door. Oh no.


It was her. Obviously. It was just she and I at the damn motel. Actually, she was with her mom, but her mom was all fat and absent.

“Hi”, I say as I open the door and the chick that I thought was hot who actually is hot looks me up and down.

“Can I come in?” She asks.


Then I immediately realize what I’ve done. I been with my girlfriend at that point nearly four years and NEVER cheated on her. Yes blog reader fans. I’m not a total piece of shit.

So the girl sits on my bed. Mind you I got two puppies in this room too. They’re all chilled out though. A pug named Pugsli and an Ori-pea named Tiva.

She asks me to rub her stomach and I nearly cum.

I gotta girlfriend. I gotta tell her. Tell her Greg! YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!!

“I’m so sorry. I cant do this. I got a girlfriend”, I tell her.

She probably thought I was lying.

“So you want me to leave?”

“Well, yeah. Kinda. I’m sorry.”

My dick was throbbing with shame. I could hear it calling me a pussy, my dick that is. Calling me a pussy.

Anyway she says “well can I at least have a hug?”

So we hug and her fake tits press firmly against my chest. I could tell they were fake cause, well, they were firm as grapefruit.

So she leaves.

Then ten mins goes by.

Then my HOTEL phone rings. I start gettin worried. This chick is callin my room?!


But then she doesn’t say shit!

Breathing. Nothing else.

I hang up. Maybe it wasn’t her? OF COURSE IT WAS SHE’S THE ONLY ONE HERE! Why would she not say anything?

Then I hear footsteps outside my second story room. She was right below me, in a room on the ground floor. I hear footsteps comin up the trashy stairs at the end of the pavement outside my room.

Clunk, clunk, clunk…. Then the footsteps stop in front of my room. She’s gonna murder me. Then there’s a knock on door again.

I open the door a small bit, perturbed and terrified.

She stands there with a piece of paper and says “I just wanted to give you my phone number.” And she hands me this folded up piece of paper.

I take it. “Thank you.” Then close the door.

I immediately take off my pants and jerk off so I don’t do anything dumb.


I’m freaking the fuck out.

I get up in my boxers and open the door even more slightly than before. This chick is gonna slash my throat, I thought.

“What is it?” I say.

She stares at me up and down and in an aggressive voice says

“Oh so now you’re just trying to tease me??”

“I really have to go to sleep I’m sorry.”

I slam the door and lock it a million times and jerk off again and go to sleep.

I’ve since told that story a million times and no one believes me.

I assure you, it’s true.

But this one isn’t.

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