It was like 2007 and I was an actor doin this show called Manuscript. I was the producer and also the main actor. I auditioned a buncha chicks to play the main girl in the play and cast this one girl, but started thinkin of this other really hot chick that auditioned that I didn’t cast cause she wasn’t as good, but I couldn’t get her outa my head. I decided to fire the chick I cast and give the hotter chick the role. Not a chilavrous move, but my hormones were dictating the decision. I was determined to fuck her. I had to. And as far as having sex at work and the complications that come along with that, I was thinkin it’s not really having sex with a coworker if the play calls for romance, which it did. People fall in love at work all the time. But in theater, hooking up at work isn’t always so clear to see anyway.

It all started cause we had this kissing scene and the director kept tellin us it needed work, but I couldn’t get it right. I was supposed to “hate-kiss her,” like kiss her even though I didn’t want to, but in real life I wanted to so bad I couldn’t act my way out of it… I know all of this doesn’t sound so good so far, so I’ll just keep the story moving along…

Anyway, after another failed rehearsal we went out for dinner one evening, just she and I.

“So how do you feel everything is comin along?”

“Well everything is good I think except the kissing scene apparently…”

“How do we get it right?”

“I’m not sure.”

Then a thought I didn’t wanna have came over me…

“Well, I don’t wanna seem out of line or anything, but if you want, and only if you wanna do this, maybe we practice it before next rehearsal.”

“Yeah, where?”

She seemed okay with it, so I proceeded…

“I mean, we can practice that scene anywhere, right? But I’ll be honest, I’m down to practice and get it right, but I don’t really wanna spend more money for more rehearsal space. I’m already over budget.”

“So where would we rehearse?”

“Well we can rehearse at your apartment or mine? And keep it professional?”

She was like sure, so we went to my Murray Hill apartment on 35th and Third Avenue in Manhattan and began rehearsing the script.

But This is Where Hooking Up At Work Gets a Bit Confusing…

When we got to the kissing scene, I didn’t stop kissing her and she didn’t stop me. I kept going. The kiss turned into a dry fuck when I picked her up and threw her legs around my waist. She was tall, like 5’9 or something–my height, and she worked as a model for Jessica Simpon’s shoe line. Point is she was fuckin tall and hot. Finally I just chucked her onto my bed, which was just a mattress layin on the floor.

I got on top of her and peeled her skirt off. She looked like every poster of a model I had ever seen. Her hips were curvy, her eyes were light, her hair was dirty blonde and I seriously thought I was in love. 

It’s Not Having Sex At Work If You’re In Love, Right?

I started fingering her cause I wasn’t hard yet, but then I got too hard too quickly and needed to slow down or else I’d blow my load, so I went down on her to slow the moment down. Now we were officially off the clock so this was totally allowed. Plus, a lot of people have sex with a coworker, I mean that’s how so many people meet, right?

I felt evil but amazing, like I had gotten everything I ever wanted.

Anyway I keep goin down on her until I’m ready to have sex but it takes a bit, and I hate when that happens. She’s probably the hottest chick I ever had with the exception of Robyn Smith, the girl from Louisiana. But anyways, it was always such a struggle to get that first fuck in with a new girl cause I was always so nervous.

I flaccidly slid in and finally the job was done and I gained confidence. Come on Greg, you’re in. Relax now and enjoy it. Get fully hard. Slowly I began to gain speed as the blood started pumpin again. In the end, the sex turned wild. Moaning and all that. Finally, I came. She didn’t. But she seemed to enjoy herself, I think.

That was the beginning of a terrible relationship, but that’s not so bad cause the more unhealthy our dynamic became, the better the sex got.

Not only did the play go to shit, but my life became pretty awful. I couldn’t not fuck her. Her pussy was like tasty cocaine. I would walk into the green room before a performance and see her naked in just her bra and thong. My co-star would walk in and see her too. Everyone just wanted in while she was naked and she didn’t give a fuck. Nothing is hotter than that.

Complete power. 

I needed her.

I got next to her and rubbed her clit till it got all sticky with juice. I loved that. Whenever she laid on my bed and spread her legs it made a spider web of wetness.

She let me play with her in the dressing room till her thong got soaked.

“Let’s fuck,” I would say.

“But the show opens in fifteen minutes.”

“I’ll be quick.”

So I took her into the bathroom and picked her up and hiked her skirt up so it was around her stomach. It looked so dainty the way it slipped up so easily. I grabbed her ass and pulled it apart and let the cheeks smack against each other. I kissed her hard like I wanted to pound her head into the side of the wall with my lips. I needed to be closer and closer. I bit on her big bottom lip and threw her on the sink. She sat on her ass like a plump cushion. I stared at the reflection of her crack in the mirror while I fumbled to get my dick out. I couldn’t move fast enough. 

I could hear my director calling my name from outside the door but I had to cum. Nothing would stop me. He started banging on the door but I was hopelessly in the moment and couldn’t stop now.

After I came I realized how little time there was before curtain and I ran to get ready. It was a mess. 

Having Sex With a Coworker in the Bathroom Has Repercussions 

sex in the bathroom

When we finished up we put our costumes back on and went out on stage a few minutes later. There was absolutely no chemistry. I could see my co-star’s face during the show. His name was Duane. He was fucking pissed off like I wasn’t respecting my craft, or his. After the show the director walked out without giving me any feedback. He studied directing at Yale so he took his shit seriously. 

“So what’s more important, your new girlfriend or this show?” Duane would ask.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh you weren’t nailing her in the bathroom ten minutes before the show?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Yeah? You wanna go get a drink?”

But I had to fuck her again. I had to get her back to my apartment, so I lied to him.

“I’m a bit tired, plus I got someone comin over for an ounce.”

“That’s what I thought. Well let me know if you wanna take that skirt off you’re wearing and come out with your co-star like a real actor tomorrow.” And he left.

I thought I was keeping everything quiet I guess not. He thought I was a disgrace.

We never got the damn kissing scene right after all that practice… 

Every Day Became Monotonous Until Finally, It Ended Bad

Wake up, smoke a joint, play with her clit, try my very hardest to get her in the mood, not talk about anything substantial during the day, sex every night after drunken dinner, and finally, it ended.

I tried to salvage it, and since I was sellin weed at the time, I took us out to the best restaurants to prove I was worth one more night of fucking, but the sex got boring (for her I guess) and nothing changed for me. So after six months, we got into a tedious fight and she said she was done.

“Can we just have sex one more time before you leave?”

She looked at me like: this is the only way to get this fucker outa my life. So she pulled her skirt up and pulled her thong to the side of her pussy and said all the things I had always wanted her to say. 

“Harder. That’s it? Come on, fuck me,” she said as she gritted her teeth, like she was mad at me. “Don’t cum yet. I thought you wanted to fuck me.”

“I do,” I said, about to cum. 

“So do it.”


I loved when she would say mean things to me, not sure why. So anyway, she pulled her skirt up and left.

The moral of the story is if you’re having sex at work fuck the goodam living shit outa that bitch cause it’ll end horrifically and you’ll be jerking off to her for years to come. Make sure you drill hard, and often. That’s not much of a moral but check out this story with a super legit moral.

It’s about this threesome I had with these two lesbians a while back…

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