I met a French chick in the desert. Twelve hours later we were having sex in public. At first I wasn’t sure if I was gonna do it, but the way she took off her clothes, I had no choice. Here’s what happened…

We were waitin for the bus in the middle of the desert in Mendoza, Argentina. I had just finished swimming in these hot springs and now I was goin back to the hostel. Then a group of chicks showed up. I spotted the short one with strawberry blonde hair and a chunky butt. I had to say something to her. I was already feelin like I had to jerk off. I get like that when I see a great ass.

I asked her some shit, I can’t remember what, but it’s not important cause she didn’t understand anything I said. They were all French, which made her even more attractive. Something about the desert that makes every girl hot. Or maybe I’m just horny… But in less than fifteen hours, she seduced me into slush. It started when she asked for my phone…

I’ll Be Having Sex in Public With a French Chick in 15 Hours

She was five seats away from me on the bus. Her eyes caught my eyes. I let my stare simmer for long enough to signal I was interested. She smiled like I have you wherever I want you. Or maybe it was all in my head… I kept thinking other thoughts to keep from getting too aroused. She told me she was celebrating later cause it was her last night in South America.

“Can I come celebrate with you?”

That’s when she said somethin in French. She was askin for my phone I think, so I passed it to her and she saved her number in my WhatsApp. The bus pulled into the Mendoza station and we walked together for a bit. We didn’t understand each other, but she knew what I wanted. She let her finger drag across the palm of my hand as she left.

See you later…

That’s what I think she said.

At Midnight I Walked to Her Hostel

All her friends are in a circle by the shitty pool drinkin sparkling wine. She runs over to me and hugs me. She was wearing a short short that didn’t cover her whole back. I held her like I wanted her badly. She enjoyed it.

I asked her to come in the pool with me.

She said she wanted to dance first…

I hate clubs but I go with her to this parking garage which is a secret club. She grabs my thigh and presses her pussy all over it and grinds all over me for hours. I’m ready to cum all over her face. I grab her ass over her skirt and kiss her hard, a kiss that means I’m ready to leave.

I tell her I’m going home unless she wants to leave right now. It was a risky hand to play but I had to have sex with this girl. I couldn’t take it one hour longer.

She says okay.

We leave the club and I rush us into a cab…

My First Time Getting Caught Having Sex in Public at a Hostel

people having sex in public

We go to the back of the hostel to where the pool is. The only people awake are the staff. We’re like fifty feet from them.

She takes off her shirt. Her tits are perfect.

My heart starts beating too fast. We’re gonna get caught having sex in public. Be cool man. 

She pulls her skirt down.

Now she’s just in her thong.

Then she takes off her thong. Her bush is wild and inviting.

The hostel staff is right there. Holy shit. I’d never been more turned on.

She gets in the pool and drunkenly floats around. She has beauty marks on her back and stomach and ass that make her look delicious and unique.

I take my shirt off. Then I kick my sneakers off. Then I yank my pants off. 

I drop my underwear. 

She looks at me. 

I get in the pool.

I feel the eyes of the hostel staff.  They’re all watching. The room gets quiet. Keep focused. 

I kiss her. She grabs my cock and it’s throbbing hard and she brings it to her pussy. 

I find her lips and push inside her bushy vagina and it falls inside. She’s so wet it’s like my dick fell into her. I push in harder and grab the side of the shitty pool and water is goin up my nose and down my throat as I slide into her hard, and out slowly, and in harder, and out. 

Focus on Your Breathing, That’s How to Have Sex in Public

It coulda been ten minutes or an hour, time ceases to exist when having sex in public. I look up from her face and see her friends getting back from the club. 

She gets out of the pool and pulls me out with her. My dick is hard as I struggle to get my pants on. That’s how to have sex in public, I was thinking. But I needed more. More sex, more people.

She takes me to her room and gets on top of me and starts pushing down onto me loud and moaning and the bunk beds are like only one foot away from each other. Everyone can hear us.

I put my hand over her mouth.

We move to the bathroom and I plop her on the sink and grab the side of her ass which fills up my entire hand and move her bush outa the way and put my dick back inside her and go in and out harder than before till I explode.

She brings me back into her room. I wake up an hour later and the lights are on and all her friends are packin their bags and gettin ready to go to the airport. They remember me from the bus.

They all look at me in her bed and start sayin shit in French.

“Okay, I am gonna go,” I say.


And so the moral of this story is if you’re lucky enough to get caught having sex in public, let your cock roar and fuck like nobody is watching. That’s how to have sex in public… To fuck like nobody is watching.

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