I was seventeen. KC stood up and I looked at the crease of her ass from the pillow and saw her blue thong and thought I was in a movie. I couldn’t believe chicks really wore those things. Holy shit, she’s like some kinda freak, I thought. And her bra was matching her thong, like a damn porno. I was so excited. Only thing is I told her I wasn’t losing my virginity to her cause I wasn’t a virgin and had to pretend like I knew what I was doing. It’s a complicated story, so let me tell you how this went down.

Losing my virginity as a seventeen year-old runaway

I was living on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island with this girl I met in juvie. She was a hooker and strung out on heroin and eighteen by then. I loved her but she fucked everyone in Rhode Island except me; that shit burned. I chased her all over the country and she wouldn’t even kiss me. Then when she started banging dudes for money I was like, are you fuckin kidding me? You’ll fuck Clayton with stringy hair and stanky breath but you won’t even kiss me?

“Because I care about you too much Greggy,” she would tell me as she touched my hair. 

I got hard immediately and grabbed her waist. I could see her tits down her shirt as we sat on the sidewalk walk. She laid down on my lap and made sure her head was right on my dick. Stop getting hard, I told myself. Her nipples outlined her ratty shirt. I loved that. I got harder and harder and she turned her head sideways on my lap so her face was towards my stomach. She musta felt like she was resting on a rod. Losing my virginity to her was all I could think about. Then she got up and left. 

Total horseshit. I hated it. I hated watching her put all that junk in her veins and I hated the stories that came back to haunt me whenever she wasn’t around…

“Your hooker girlfriend just pulled a gun on me,” Shroomy said as he walked by me, as if it were my fault. 

But whenever she would come back to my Indian blanket that I lived on she would curl up next to me and lay her soft skin all over my body. I felt like I might orgasm just by the way she let her finger drag along my wrist when I lit some incense and put them in the crack of the sidewalk so it would stand up straight.

The sexual tension was too much. 

That’s why when KC was gettin out of juvie in Georgia, I spare-changed enough money to take the Greyhound to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I got to Lancaster and my other friend from juvie, Kaz, he picked me up in a car that barely ran. Some cranky gay dude was in the front seat and he wasn’t pleasant at all. They always fought. I wonder if they fuck? I don’t know. Point is I hitched a ride with them down to Georgia so I could catch KC before she went off to wherever she was planning on going.

When I saw her walk free she was wearing makeup. I had never seen her with makeup on. She was way hotter than the two years we were stuck together on the inside. I told her I had nowhere to go. It was December and I was freezing and needed some place to squat. So, she invited me to stay with her at her apartment in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was seventeen too.

For a couple weeks I slept in bed with her and her roommate Becky. Becky let her finger slip down to my dick and let me get hard in her hand until I rolled over and kissed KC. Then she kicked me out of bed and said I had to sleep in the living room, but KC came with me and we slept on the futon.

But I had to lie the night it finally happened…

We made out that night and she asked me if I wanted to have sex. I had never been happier. When she stood up on the pullout futon her ass looked like it was fake. No way a girl can be that hot. No way. Her ass ate her thong as she peeled it off. When she got back in bed I was rock hard. We were both virgins, but she thought I fucked my ex-girlfriend; I didn’t. I tried to one night but we were on oxy and I couldn’t get hard. I never tried ever again… 

…but I told KC I fucked her all the time. So when I pushed inside of her that night and it didn’t go in all the way, I thought something was wrong. It was like there was a gate blocking my dick. Here I was losing my virginity and I couldn’t get my dick inside of her pussy. Is this normal? What counts as losing virginity for a guy? I couldn’t stop now…

I played with her clit and she got wet enough that my dick went right in the next time I pushed. It felt like warm heaven. Chills went down my back. I felt tingles all over. My dick was so hard I let it stay inside her for a moment before I slowly pulled out and went back in. She moaned loud enough that I knew Becky heard it. I let my finger run up and down the crack of her ass. I bit her bottom lip and stared at her tits as I watched my wet dick go in and out of her. I’m losing my virginity. Guy loses virginity. It’s happening. It’s finally happening.

Then I felt like I may cum. No. Don’t cum. Stop. No, stop…

“You can cum baby, it’s okay,” she whispered in my ear. 

I tried to hold it but then she nibbled on my earlobe and breathed into my ear and my whole neck felt like it was melting. I felt my dick get harder than it had ever been and I exploded inside her as she kept kissing my ear and neck like it was her plan to make me cum so hard.

I was a man now. Guy loses his virginity. I could move on with life finally. 

woman knocking on guy's door

But see what happened next is fucked up…

That hooker from Providence called my prepaid cell phone and asked if she could come see me. I said sure and then told KC that it would only be for a bit. When she came over KC took one look at her and told me she had to leave that night. I mean… She was wearing sparkly jeans, a halter top with no bra, and had trashy bleached hair.

“Will she be gone before I come home?” KC asked me on her way to her internship at this weird pottery studio.

“I promise,” I told her.

So when I walked back in and sat on the futon lookin at my hooker friend sleeping, I knew I was in a shitty situation. She had taken painkillers and was napping, but then she woke up.

“Where’s KC Greggy?”

“She’s at her work thingy,” I told her.

She knew nobody was home and told me to “come here Greggy.”

So I went over to her cause I had to; my feet just brought me there.

“Lay down,” she told me.

And she got on top of me.

“You have to get off me,” I told her. “I have a girlfriend.”

“Don’t you wanna fuck me Greggy?”

I couldn’t stop her as she took my jeans off. I was rock hard. This was everything I had ever wanted for the last two years. I had jerked off to this girl more times than any girl in life. 

“Wait, stay here,” she said as she went to her bag.

She put on a skanky dress and let it ride up her ass and got back on top of me.

“I’m on my period Greggy. I’m gonna bleed all over you,” she said in this hot sexy way.

She got on top of me and rode me till I came.

Shit, now I lost my virginity twice

I told her she had to leave. Get out. You’ve ruined my life over and over again and you just did it again for the last time. Leave satan, leave.

After two weeks I couldn’t take it. I had to tell KC, but I didn’t wanna tell her I cheated on her, but still I had to get it off my chest. So I told her I had slept with my hooker friend a month ago.

“What do you mean? So you’ve been with two girls before me?”

“Sorry I don’t know why I didn’t tell you.”

“Well that really makes me feel not special.”

If only I coulda told her that she was my first. We stayed together for many years after that and I never told her the truth.

The moral of the story is don’t fuck your hooker friend when you’re seventeen after losing your viriginity to a girl you lied to about not losing your virginity to her, then tell her that there were two girls and not one that you fucked before her. That shit is just silly.

Now I wanna tell you about Lucy.

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